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Aiuta Simon, di umili origini ma grandi ambizioni, a studiare e laurearsi

Simon Ng'ang'a is Kenyan and reached Sanctis platform to ask for help to realize his greatest ambition, graduate and find work. It comes from a humble family with whom he lives in a slum born on a temporary plot. Parents pull ahead as they can with odd jobs, just sufficient sustenance. Parents are not able to support him nor with even a small college tuition nor with other expenses that should address to study. He would have to start studying at Mount Kenya University in September 2018 but for now his dream is postponed. Simon wants to stay in his country does not want to become another economic migrant, wants to get out of the poverty trap by his own power, let us help you get started on her studies, independence and dignity that can be an example to others in his position. Every contribution, however small might help him achieve his help. Together we can help him. Join us in support him.